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The LPD group

April 01st, 2024

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(Photo as of May 4th, 2021)

Vladislav Kobychev head of the LPD PhD (1998);
Associate Prof. (2017)
kobychev[at] +380(44)525-1111
Fedor Danevich act. chief sci. researcher PhD (1995); Associate Prof. (2002);
DSc (2006); Prof. (2016)
danevich[at] +380(44)525-1111
Vladimir Tretyak leading sci. researcher PhD (1991);
Associate Prof. (1999)
tretyak[at] +380(44)525-1111
Roman Boiko senior sci. researcher PhD (2006);
Associate Prof. (2010)
boiko[at] +380(44)525-1111
Oksana Polischuk (Shkulkova) senior sci. researcher
PhD (2012)
polischuk[at] +380(44)525-1111
Dmytro Kasperovych senior sci. researcher PhD (2019) casper.phys[at] +380(44)525-1111
Boris Kropivyansky sci. researcher kropiva[at] +380(44)525-1111
Volodymyr Klavdiienko junior sci. researcher PhD (2024) klavdiienko.volodymyr[at] +380(44)525-1111
Nazar Sokur junior sci. researcher PhD (2024) nazar147[at] +380(44)525-1111
Mykola Zarytskyy junior sci. researcher PhD (2024) zaritsky96[at] +380(44)525-1111
Elena Zueva chief engineer zueva[at] +380(44)525-1111
Oleh Shkurupii leading engineer olegshkurupiy[at] +380(44)525-1111
Larisa Kobycheva leading engineer kobycheva[at] +380(44)525-1111
Davyd Shkurupii technician shkurupiydavid[at] +380(44)525-1111

* During 1980-2004, Yuri Georgievich Zdesenko was the head of the LPD. Yuri Zdesenko died on September 1, 2004, on 61-th year of his life during operation because of the heart's halt.

People who obtained degrees and awards in LPD

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